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Change to Collection Arrangements for Foundation Phase Children

We have reviewed our systems for dismissing our Foundation Phase children at the end of the school day and are proposing a change to our current system. We would like to trial collecting children at 3pm from our classroom doors as this would alleviate some of the congestion for both children and parents, especially for our Reception and Nursery children.

We have been fortunate enough to purchase lockable sheds for our outdoor equipment with money raised by our PTA. This has now enabled staff to lock our equipment away more efficiently at the end of the day ensuring our playground is safe and easily accessible for parents.

The gates to the Year 1 and Reception and Nursery yard would be opened at 2.50pm for parents to collect their children from Dosbarth Glas, Dosbarth Melyn, Dosbarth Coch, Dosbarth Gwyrdd and Dosbarth Porffor. The gate will then be locked at 3.10pm.

The gates to the Year 2 Yard (by the bin compound) will be opened from 2.50pm for parents to collect from Dosbarth Aur and Dosbarth Arian. The gate will then be locked at 3.10pm.

Please be aware that the gate by Dosbarth Glas will remain closed so parents will not be able to walk right around the building as the outdoor area by Dosbarth Gwyn is not easily accessible at 3pm.

We hope that this change will be successful and would politely remind parents to ensure that younger siblings are supervised so they don’t disturb any classes learning.

We will put this change into place from Thursday 6th December and will review it again at the end of the spring term.