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Breakfast Club

Pre-school provision - September 2022

Welcome to Acton Park Primary School’s Breakfast Club!


Our Breakfast Club is an initiative provided by Wrexham County Council and has been an important part of our day since April 2015. Breakfast Club not only ensures that the children have a nutritional start to their day, which helps prepare them physically and emotionally for their learning, it allows them further develop important social and independence skills.


Breakfast Club doors open at 8.10am and close promptly at 8.35am. There is a small charge of £1 for children arriving between 8.10 - 8.25am.  After this time there is no charge.  Children who are in receipt of free school meals do not pay irrespective of the time they arrive.  Children up to Year 6 must be signed in by an adult.  At your discretion, children in year 6 do not need to be accompanied by an adult, however, they are not the responsibility of the school until they are seen and signed in by staff.


if you would like your child to attend Breakfast Club, please download and complete the registration form and either email it,  or take it by hand,  to the school office. 


Breakfast Club Staff:

Mrs Rudalska

Mrs Ellis

Miss Barker

Feedback from children attending breakfast club