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Breakfast Club

Welcome to Acton Park Primary School’s Free Breakfast Club!

Our free Breakfast Club is an initiative provided by the Welsh Assembly Government and has been an important part of our day since April 2015. Breakfast Club not only ensures that the children have a nutritional start to their day, which helps prepare them physically and emotionally for their learning, it allows them further develop important social and independence skills.


Breakfast Club doors open at 8.10am and close promptly at 8.35am. This gives the children sufficient time to eat their breakfast and be ready to join their class at 8.45am. Children up to Year 5 must be signed in by an adult. At your discretion, children in years 5 & 6 do not need to be accompanied by an adult, however, they are not the responsibility of the school until they are seen and signed in by staff.


Every child in school is welcome to join breakfast club, including our younger children in the Nursery classes. A registration form needs to be completed, and any dietary/medical needs of the children should be mentioned to the staff on their first morning. We have a vast choice of food including crumpets, toast, fruit and different cereals and we can also accommodate specific dietary needs. All children attending Breakfast Club are required to sit down and eat their breakfast, even if you have already given them something to eat at home. This is a fantastic provision for our school and, in order for us to continue to offer this service, the Welsh Government has imposed strict guidelines to outline that breakfast club should not be used as a substitute for free childcare. If you have any questions relating to Breakfast Club please don’t hesitate to contact the school office.


Breakfast Club Staff:

Mrs S Jones

Mrs T Watson

Miss K Moore

Miss R Lovell

Miss C Harvey

Mrs J Reddington

Mrs S Scales-Moon

Feedback from children attending breakfast club