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Home Learning: 06/07/2020


Google Classroom:


* Kindness Poem

  Follow the instructions on the document and answer the questions on it.


* Looking after your teeth

This week we want you to remember how important your teeth are! Look at the BBC bitesize links below and the Google slides.

You can choose what to do with the information you learn. You could: Make a poster for the dentist's waiting room telling people why their teeth are important. Write instructions for how to clean your teeth to share with children who go to the dentist. Make a video to play on the TV screen in the dentist's waiting room telling people what jobs their teeth do and how to look after them. Or if you have another idea, show us that!


* Write a superhero story

Now that you have planned a superhero story it is time to write one! Use the superhero and villain that you have created to write your own story. You might want to write your story as a cartoon strip, picture book or as a text like mine. You choose!

Remember to keep referring to your story mountain as you write. (You may want to look at your success criteria before you start to remind yourself of the features you can try to include.)

I have included some documents if you want to use any of them. Enjoy!


* Using speech marks / inverted commas

When you write a story you will need to include some speech to move the story along. Look up the lesson on inverted commas to show speech on BBC Bitesize.

Try some of the activities suggested. I have included a Google doc if you want to type your answers on it. You may prefer to write out a conversation that you have each day, or a conversation that you hope to have soon with one of your friends!

e.g. "Hello Nicola. Lovely to see you!" said Helen.

"Great to see you too!" replied Nicola.

"Shall we go out for lunch?" asked Helen.

"I'd love to. Where shall we go?" wondered Nicola.

"Well everywhere is open again now so you choose!" suggested Helen.


* Plan your superhero story

You have been busy creating your own superheroes and villains. Last week you mapped out a story you know on a story mountain.

This week you are going to plan your own story using your superhero and villain. You need a problem that is created by your villain that your superhero can solve with his superpowers. There may be a battle, your hero may fail on his first attempt and then think again to solve the problem. You choose!

See my story mountain plan for Superstretch vs Sergeant Scissors to help you. (Open with Google docs.)


* Read a superhero story

Read my story to see how I have added a lot more detail to my story compared to the plan. Can you see some of the features that I have included? You may want to check the success criteria to see if I have included them all!

Do you want to give me two stars and a wish?


* Task 1 - Finding perimeters of rectangles

Perimeter is the distance all the way around the outside of a 2D shape.  
The first video is good to help you understand what perimeter is.  Activity 2 is good to test your knowledge.
The Google Slides document (calculating perimeter) gives you lots of examples to try.
Now try one of the chilli activities.  

You can either print the sheet off and complete it, write down the answers on a piece of paper, take a photo and upload it for us to see or just type in the answers in the google document provided.
Chilli 3 (activity is the first sheet on the attached document)
Extension activities (within chilli 3 document pages 3 and 5)


* Task 2 Superhero Training Ground. Area and Perimeter

Create your own sports training field for a super hero.  Some of the training spaces could be for running, swimming, jumping etc
You will need to include at least 5 different training spaces.
Each training space will need to be a rectangle shape (remember to use a ruler)
Draw your training spaces.
Calculate the area of each shape in cm squares
Calculate the perimeter of each shape in cm.
Record the area and perimeter of each shape on your plan.

There is some squared paper attached or use your own paper.  Remember if you are not using the squared paper be accurate in your measuring.  
See the attached example to help you.


* Welsh Superhumans

Take a look at the Google slides document.  How many of the sporting heroes do you recognise?
Choose of one of them.  
Create a fact file on Google docs, a presentation on Google slides or choose your own way to present your work.
You must include- the name of the sports person, their sport, where they are from, the competitions they have taken part plus any other interesting facts.
Remember you can include images too if you wish.

Home Learning: 29/06/2020


Google Class link:


* Pobble 365 - Out of the blocks.

   Answer questions on if you've ever been in a race.


* Times Tables Practice

Remember to keep practising your tables

Here is a reminder of some of the games you can use to help you with this

Videos to help you remember your tables.

You can always send us a picture of any work you complete or a little message to tell us what times table you have been working on.


* Positive Power

Everyone can have down days but sometimes all we need to do to make ourselves feel better is call upon the power of our POSITIVE THINKING to help us feel better. Complete the slides document with positive things about yourself.


* Task 1 - Finding Area by counting squares.

Use the following link to support the work on area of shapes.

Complete the activities on the website.

Now try one of the chilli challenges. Chilli 2 - sheets 1 - 5 (on the document) Chilli 3 - sheets 7-9 (on the document) Extra (includes half cm squares)


* Task 2 - Area

Use the squared paper. Draw shapes with the given area. See separate instruction sheets for each chilli.


* Investigation - Do people with the longest legs jump the furthest?

Read the instructions on how to complete this task.


* Create a Villain.

Last week you created a superhero for your story. This week we want you to create a villain. Have a look at the villain I have created. Remind yourself about your hero, then create a villain. 
Tip 1: Try to make your villain's powers related to your superhero's weakness. e.g. Superstretch's weakness is anything sharp so my villain has scissor hands!
Tip 2: Make sure you give your villain a weakness that your superhero can use against him or her.


* Create a story mountain.

Lots of stories follow a form that we call a 'story mountain'. 
A story can have an introduction to a setting and character, a build up where you find out what is happening, a problem, a resolution to the problem and an ending. Have a look at the story mountain that I have created for the story of Spiderman vs Sandman to see what I mean. 

Can you complete the blank story mountain for a story that you know? It could be a fairy tale like Cinderella, a story you've read at home or even a film that you've watched. (Feel free to draw your own mountain if you'd prefer!) 

You need to open the documents with Google docs in order to see them properly. (Click on 'Open with Google docs' at the top of the page. Thanks.)


Home Learning W.B: 22/06/2020


Google Classroom Link


* Fractions - Extension.

If you would like to challenge yourself further with this weeks maths activity then click on the following link.

You may want to upload photos of your work for us to see.


* National Writing Day Activity.

National Writing Day is 24th June. Follow the instructions to write a poem


If the youtube link in the PDF doesn't work. The instructions for how to write a poem can be found here:

You can present your poem by - Typing your poem in the Google Docs. Video yourself reading it out then upload it. Write it out and send us a photo of it.


* Gratitude Tree.

Think about all the things that you are grateful for.

By doing this, it makes us feel happy and appreciate all the things we have in our lives.

You may be grateful for:- certain people, animals, basic necessities, feelings, material things etc.

I have included an example for you to see.

Instructions - Be as creative as you like. Make it big, small, colourful, include real leaves and twigs etc.

Create a tree of your own or a family one.

Draw an outline of a tree.

Create some leaves for your tree.

Draw/write the things that you are grateful for on the leaves.

Stick your leaves on your tree.

Upload your photos for us to see.


* 3D Google Fun - The Body.

You may have already had some fun with 3D animals on Google. They also have something similar for the body. See the attached instructions. (Warning: You need to be patient as it can take a while to work - unless that is just me!)


*Create a Superhero.

We want you to invent your own superhero that you could have in your own superhero story. See the instructions doc so that you know what to think about. See my superhero that I have created. (Please remember that I'm not the best at drawing!) You can draw your own hero and label the picture with facts about him or her, or you can write about him/her, or you may want to use the computer to draw him/her.


* Heartbeat Activity.

The heart Your heart is a very strong muscle. It pumps blood containing oxygen around your body, to every part of you. It’s super important that we all keep our hearts healthy. This can be done by doing activities that make our heartbeat faster. To complete the activity see the instruction sheet below.


*Hulk's Day Off.

Look at the picture and choose one or more of the activities to complete


* Fractions of quantities

Watch the Flipgrid video before you try the work.


Health and Well-being Week

Health and Well-being Week Link to work and documents:

Virtual Sports Day 2020

Virtual Sports Day  - Links to work and documents.

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