Pre-school provision for all children open from 7:30am.
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Meet the Staff

Come and meet the staff at our school!

Miss Jo Grundy - Headteacher

Mrs Sue Lloyd - Deputy Headteacher


Mrs Sharon Whiteley - Lead School Secretary

Mrs Bev Griffith - School Secretary


Mrs Sarah Jones - Lead Pastoral Support

Mrs Alison Mason - PPA Teacher

Mrs Lucy Roberts - PPA cover and Teaching Assistant (working with pupils in both Infant & Junior departments)


Infant Department Teachers

Mrs Vanessa Squire - Senior Leader & Nursery / Reception Teacher (Dosbarth Coch)

Miss Hayley Brown - Nursery / Reception Teacher (Dosbarth Melyn) 

Miss Elizabeth Davies - Nursery / Reception Teacher (Dosbarth Glas) 

Miss Farrade Sheikholeslami - Year 1 Teacher (Dosbarth Porffor)

Mr Jamie Harrison - Year 1 Teacher (Dasbarth Gwyrdd)

Miss Ceri Gittins - Year 2 Teacher (Dosbarth Aur)

Miss Gemma Esp - Senior Leader & Year 2 Teacher (Dosbarth Arian)


Infant Department Teaching Assistants

Miss Kayleigh Moore - Nursery / Reception Teaching Assistant (Dosbarth Coch)

Mrs Olwen Clayton - Nursery/ Reception Teaching Assistant (Dosbarth Glas)

Miss Amanda Davies - Nursery/ Reception Teaching Assistant (Dosbarth Melyn)

Mrs Debbie Jones - Year 1 Teaching Assistant (Dosbarth Porffor)

Miss Karen Owen - Year 1 Teaching Assistant (Dosbarth Gwyrdd) 

Mrs Claire Crewe - Year 2 Teaching Assistant (Dosbarth Aur)

Mrs Nicky Kershaw - Year 2 Teaching Assistant (Dosbarth Arian)

Mrs Nicky Stott - 1:1 support Teaching Assistant (Early Years)


Infant Department Speech & Language Resource (Dosbarth Gwyn)

Mrs Lisa Rowlands - Teacher

Mrs Davina Jones - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Kim Hill - Teaching Assistant

Miss Dawn Kenyon - Teaching Assistant


Junior Department Teachers

Mrs Nicola Lear - Year 3 Teacher (Dosbarth Conwy)

Miss Cerys Owens - Year 3 Teacher (Dosbarth Ceiriog)

Mrs Helen Williams - Senior Leader & Year 4 Teacher (Dosbarth Brenig)

Mr Deri Jones – Year 4 Teacher (Dosbarth Tegid)  

Mr Rob Parry - Year 5 Teacher (Dosbarth Berwyn)

Mrs Rebecca Lloyd – Year 5 Teacher (Dosbarth Tryfan) 

Mr Andrew Peters - Year 6 Teacher (Dosbarth Cadair Idris)

Mrs Alison Birkbeck - Senior Leader & Year 6 Teacher (Dosbarth Yr Wyddfa)


Junior Department Teaching Assistants

Miss Kate Rudalska - Year 3 Teaching Assistant (Dosbarth Conwy & Ceiriog)

Mrs Paula White - Year 4 Teaching Assistant (Dosbarth Tegid & Brenig) 

Mrs Deb Mills - Year 4 Teaching Assistant (Dosbarth Tegid & Brenig) 

Mrs Gail Morris - Year 5 Teaching Assistant (Dosbarth Berwyn & Tryfan)

Mrs Diane Millington - Year 6 Teaching Assistant (Dosbarth Cadair Idris & Yr Wyddfa)

Miss Sharon Barker - 1:1 Support Teaching Assistant (Years 3, 4 & 5)

Miss Kirsty Johns - 1:1 support Teaching Assistant (Maternity cover)


Junior Department Speech & Language Resource (Dosbarth Menai)

Miss Kylie Watkins - Teacher

Mrs Helen Walker - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Sarah Scales-Moon - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Karen Swindley - Teaching Assistant


Mid-day Supervisory Staff

Mrs Sharon Ellis

Miss Lisa Burgess


Catering Staff

Mrs Lyndsay Davies - Infant Cook

Mrs Julie Roberts - Infant Catering Assistant

Mrs Cassy Thomas - Junior Cook

Mrs Louise Moss - Junior Catering Assistant


Breakfast Club Staff

Mrs Kate Rudalska - Manager

Mrs Sharon Ellis

Miss Kayleigh Moore

Miss Sharon Barker



Mr Dave Husbands



Mrs Christine Hughes

Miss Keely Roberts

Mrs Enfys Butler

Miss Tracey Jones

Miss Lisa Burgess

Miss Shannon Jones