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Meet the Staff

Come and meet the staff at our school!

Miss Jo Grundy - Headteacher

Mr Sean Wade (Acting Headteacher)

Mrs Sue Lloyd - Deputy Headteacher


Mrs Bev Griffith - School Secretary


Mrs Sarah Jones - Lead Pastoral Support

Mrs Peri Murphy - ALNCo


Infant Department Teachers

Mr Jamie Harrison - Nursery Teacher (Dasbarth Glas)

Miss Farrade Sheikholeslami - Nursery / Reception Teacher (Dosbarth Coch)

Miss Elizabeth Davies - Nursery / Reception Teacher (Dosbarth Melyn) 

Mrs Vanessa Squire - Year 1 / Year 2 (Dosbarth Gwyrdd)

Miss Ceri Gittins - Year 1 / Year 2 (Dosbarth Aur)

Miss Gemma Esp - Year 1 / Year 2 (Dosbarth Arian)


Infant Department Teaching Assistants

Mrs Olwen Clayton - Nursery/ Reception Teaching Assistant (Dosbarth Glas)

Miss Karen Owen - Nursery/ Reception Teaching Assistant (Dosbarth Glas)

Mrs Kimberley Thomas - Nursery 1:1 Teaching Assistant (Dosbarth Glas)

Miss Amanda Davies - Nursery/ Reception Teaching Assistant (Dosbarth Coch)

Mrs Lisa Blake - Nursery/Reception 1:1 Teaching Assistant (Dosbarth Coch)

Miss Kayleigh Moore - Nursery / Reception Teaching Assistant (Dosbarth Melyn)

Mrs Ailsa Hitchcock - Year 1 / 2 Teaching Assistant (Dosbarth Gwyrdd)

Mrs Nicky Kershaw - Year 1 / 2 Teaching Assistant (Dosbarth Aur)

Mrs Debbie Mills - Year 1 / 2 Teaching Assistant (Dosbarth Aur)

Mrs Debbie Jones - Year 1 / 2 Teaching Assistant (Dosbarth Arian)


Infant Department Speech & Language Resource (Dosbarth Gwyn)

Mrs Lisa Rowlands - Teacher

Mrs Davina Jones - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Kim Hill - Teaching Assistant

Miss Dawn Kenyon - Teaching Assistant

Miss Sarah Scales - Teaching Assistant


Junior Department Teachers

Mrs Nicola Lear - Year 3 Teacher (Dosbarth Conwy)

Miss Cerys Owens - Year 3 Teacher (Dosbarth Ceiriog)

Mrs Helen Williams - Senior Leader & Year 4 Teacher (Dosbarth Brenig)

Mr Deri Jones – Year 4 Teacher (Dosbarth Tegid)  

Mr Rob Parry - Year 5 Teacher (Dosbarth Berwyn)

Mrs Rebecca Lloyd – Year 5 Teacher (Dosbarth Tryfan) 

Mr Andrew Peters - Year 6 Teacher (Dosbarth Cadair Idris)

Mrs Alison Birkbeck - Senior Leader & Year 6 Teacher (Dosbarth Yr Wyddfa)


Junior Department Teaching Assistants

Miss Kate Rudalska - Year 3 Teaching Assistant (Dosbarth Conwy & Ceiriog)

Mrs Claire Crewe - Year 4 Teaching Assistant (Dosbarth Tegid & Brenig) 

Mrs Paula White - Year 5 Teaching Assistant (Dosbarth Tegid & Brenig) 

Mrs Diane Millington - Year 6 Teaching Assistant (Dosbarth Cadair Idris & Yr Wyddfa)

Miss Sharon Barker - 1:1 Support Teaching Assistant (Years 3, 4 & 5)

Miss Kirsty Johns - 1:1 support Teaching Assistant (Maternity cover)


Junior Department Speech & Language Resource (Dosbarth Menai)

Miss Kylie Watkins - Teacher

Mrs Helen Walker - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Karen Swindley - Teaching Assistant


Mid-day Supervisory Staff

Mrs Sharon Ellis

Miss Lisa Burgess

Ms Natalie Woods

Ms Emma Evans


Catering Staff

Mrs Lyndsay Davies - Infant Cook

Mrs Lorraine Rowley - Infant Catering Assistant

Mrs Chrissy Jones- Junior Cook

Mrs Louise Moss - Junior Catering Assistant

Miss Kim Sides - Junior Catering Assistant



Breakfast Club Staff

Mrs Kate Rudalska - Manager

Mrs Sharon Ellis

Miss Sharon Barker



Mr Phil Edwards



Mrs Enfys Butler

Miss Tracey Jones

Miss Shannon Jones

Miss Lisa Burgess

Miss Kamila Wlazinska