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Melyn - Nursery and Reception

Virtual Sports Day (Week)

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Summer Term- Acton Animal Adventures

Hello Dosbarth Melyn, 

Below you will find a range of different activities for you to complete on our new topic Acton Animal Adventures. 
Please upload any work that you complete to SeeSaw (if you are having trouble accessing SeeSaw, please contact our school via email).


I hope you’re all safe and well, I can’t wait to see you again.

Miss Brown

Home Learning Week Beginning 4th May

Home Learning Week Beginning 4th May 1

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Week 3- VE Activities

Hello all, this week the country will be coming together to celebrate VE Day. Find below a range of different activities that you can complete with your family. We will also be allocating SeeSaw Activities for you to complete. 

Home Learning Week Beginning 27th April

Home Learning Week Beginning 27th April  1

Home Learning Week Beginning 20th April

Home Learning Week Beginning 20th April 1


Parents, please log in to your child's hwb email account for instructions on how to access learning via the Seesaw app.
Children will be familiar with using this app in school to record their learning.
Keep a 
look out on the app for some optional opportunities for learning at home.
Thank you so much and take care,
Miss Brown


Welcome to Dosbarth Melyn - Nursery and Reception.


Welcome to our Class Page for Dosbarth Melyn (Nursery and Reception).


Due to the school closure that we are facing, please find below a range of activities and challenges for you to complete. 


We will be using this Class Page, Twitter and our school Texting Service to keep you informed of any developments that we are made aware of. (Twitter; @ActonParkCPEP)


Please take care, look after each other and stay safe.


Thank you and I hope to see you all soon!


Class Teacher- Miss Brown

Teaching Assistants- Mrs Clayton and Mrs Rudalska 

Easter Activities 

Hello Dosbarth Melyn, please find below a range of different Easter Activities. Please record anything you complete and upload to SeeSaw so I can see what you have been doing. Most importantly, make heart felt memories with you family this Easter.


Thank you,

Miss Brown

Google classroom is up and running for children in dosbarth melyn. 
Here’s the activity that has been added today. 

Listen to Grubby Gertrude, by David Walliams. Then perhaps do some (via his twitter account or on YouTube) of the following activities 😊


Have a go at any/all/none of these activities if you would like to. 

You don’t have to write anything down if you don’t want to. Only if your child wants to. 

Sending best wishes to all of you🌸

Think of a describing word beginning with the first letter of your name. For example, noisy Nathan, or terrific Tom. Then create a sign for your bedroom door “happy Holly’s bedroom”. 

Make a picture of Gertrude’s bedroom. Remember the pile of pongy trainers, the hamster droppings, the snotty tissues and half eaten egg sandwiches. Can you label your picture too. 

Make an egg sandwich - do you like it? What does it smell, taste, look like?

Do you like Gertrude? Why?

Gertrude’s feet are so smelly! Can you draw around your feet or make footprints?

Can you practise putting your socks on all by yourself?

Can you count how many socks you’ve got? Maybe count in 2s?

Who has got the biggest socks in your house?

Can you wash some socks in the garden using a bowl of soapy water? Do forget to hang them up to dry. 

Make a sock puppet. What is it’s name?

What would you do if you had to share a bedroom with Grubby Gertrude?

How many things can you think of beginning with g?

Have you ever smelt anything really bad? What was it?

Letter to Parents/Children