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Hi Everyone, Please log onto Seesaw to see this weeks learning tasks. 

The Focus Book is 'Ish'.  It is linked to The Dot which you worked on before the Sports Day and Wellbeing week. The tasks I have sent are:  
1)Ish-ful Thinking Listen then create project. 
2) Ish Reading Response
3) -ash and -ish Spellings. 
4) Ish and Dot Compare and Contrast (*** 3 chilli challenge)
5) ISH / ASH / USH Words in Sentences (all children)
6)ISH / ASH / USH Words: Sort 33 ** 2 chilli challenge
7)WTW: Letter Name 33 - ish, ash, ush Word Families (all children) 
8) Making arrays (*/** 1 / 2 chilli challenge)
9) Multiplication inquiry activity (array */**)
10) Arrays */**
11) Arrays in Multiplication ***
12)Array Game *** 
13) Mult/Div: Array Of Arrays!*** 
14)Remote Learning Choice Board #1 
15) ISH Short Response.

I haven't sent all 3 chilli challenges out to all pupils I have sent the tasks most suitable for you to choose from.  There is a variety of challenges for you to choose from throughout the week.   The remote learning choice board is a range of open tasks you can try to do. 

Have fun and keep trying hard,   

Mrs PJ 

Thank You for all your Virtual Sports Day Entries.  Here is a copy of next weeks whole school focus.  It is Health and Well being week.  All the information has been added to Seesaw and to Google Classroom.  


Have a Healthy weekend, 


Mrs PJ 

Thank you to everyone who is sending me all the excellent work on Seesaw.  Using seesaw to share the work is working really well for us now.  I have posted the Virtual Sports Day forms on Google classroom and Seesaw for this week.  The information sheet from Mr Jones is also here on our class page for you.  I am happy to receive all entries for sports day via seesaw as this is your preferred method of sending work in now. 


Pupil View Activity for this year. 


Before Half term aswell as 'The Dot' themed work I sent you I asked you to complete an activity sharing your thoughts about your favourite parts of this school year.   I have received some great audio recordings and some written responses.  Please can everyone try to complete this and send it to me by the end of this week with your Virtual Sports Day Entries.  There is no other activities going to be sent through this week.  I would really love to hear from you what you have enjoyed and what you would like to set as a target / challenge for yourself to achieve next year. 


Keep Safe and Enjoy Sports Day Fun in the Sun, 


Mrs PJ.  

Virtual Sports Day 2020

27/4/20 Morning everyone. 

Please check your hwb emails.  I have sent you a new Seesaw code today.  Your class is Menai Home Learning.  This is where I will send you some Seesaw home learning activities to do. These will be aswell as the activities in google classroom. 

Keep Safe, 

Mrs PJ. 

Seesaw work activities updates 24/4/20

Welcome to Dosbarth Menai.

Find out all the latest exciting class news, find out what we've been doing in our learning and much more.


Exciting news! I emailled you all last week on your hwb email account. I have sent an individual code for you to set up Seesaw Home learning.  I would love to see the wonderful things you are doing at home (not just the activities I have suggested) so I have set up Seesaw Home Learning. We use Seesaw in class and the children are fantastic at it!

Here's how to get the Seesaw app
1. Download the Seesaw app
2. Click 'I'm a student'
3. In the text box, type in your personal code which I have emailed to your child's hwb account


To access Hwb emails

1. Log Into Hwb (your login came home in a brown envelope)

2. Select ‘Office 365'

3. Select ‘Outlook’

4. Here is how you access your email, you will have received an email from me with your Seesaw code. 

You will now have access to your child's individual journal. Your child can now upload photos and videos of their learning at home to share with me. I will be looking at the journal regularly, but please note that I may not be able to comment on every item you upload. The private messaging function will not be accessed/monitored, so please do not send any messages as it will not be seen. Should you wish to contact me please use This is checked regularly.

I am really looking forward to seeing your posts. Happy learning all!
Stay safe.
Mrs Price-Jones

Survival of the Fittest challenges - Shut down work