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Personalised Assessments

The Welsh Government personalised assessments are used by schools to help to build a picture of what learners understand, the things that they need to work on and their next steps.  The assessments are based upon the skills set out in the Literacy and Numeracy Framework and they provide detailed information on the skills of individuals learners and whole classes that teachers use to support with planning progression in both reading and numeracy.  


The tests are adaptive and are therefore generated based upon a learners response to a previous question.  Therefore, a learner who answers questions correctly will receive questions or texts that are more challenging; a learner who answers questions incorrectly will receive slightly easier questions or texts.  This process continues until the assessment has covered the relevant aspects of the curriculum and gathered sufficient information on the learner's responses.  This provides an individual assessment experience and tailors the level of challenge for every learner.


Please find below a selection of reading and procedural papers for years 2-6: