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Porffor - Year 1

Welcome to Dosbarth Porffor - Year 1.

Croeso i Dosbarth Porffor - Blwyddyn 1


Here we will be sharing games, activities and additional work for you to continue your learning at home.


Miss Esp and Mrs Jones.

Topic: Summer Term: Inside Out!
Here is an overview of our new topic for this half term. We know that this will be different to how we normally do a topic in school but we thought it would be helpful for you to see the types of things we will be sending for home learning over the next few weeks.

We have shared our new topic for this half term. When we begin a new topic in school, we use a box of objects to talk and ask questions about what we would like to find out. This then helps us to choose activities that follow the children's interests. We would like to give you activities linked to what you would like to learn at home too so we would like to find out what you are most interested in.

1. Look at the slide with lots of pictures linked to our topic.

2. Try to think of a few questions that you would like to know linked to our new topic.

3. Write them down and share a picture or send us a video of you asking your questions.

Literacy, Language and Communication

The Carrot Club Story and Activities

Over the next couple of weeks, we would like to use this story to help us with our reading and some other activities. It is called 'The Carrot Club' and will help us think more about keeping healthy and healthy foods. πŸ‰πŸŒπŸ’ This week, we would like you to read the story. πŸ“š

It is also downloadable from Twinkl if you have a free account with them. It is quite long and can be tricky so please do a bit at a time if you can. You could take turns to read a sentence or a page each with a grown up or big brother or sister. While you are reading there is a few activities you could do:

1) Write down any words that you didn't know and upload picture of your words.

2) Send us a video of you reading a sentence or a page from the book.

3) Stop before the end and make a guess/prediction of what might happen at the end. Write it down, draw a picture and label it or record a video of yourself.

4) When you have finished, tell us about your favourite part of the story - you could do this with a picture, write it down or record yourself talking about it.

Let's practise phonics.

Here is a collection of mini challenges for you to try! There is a mini challenge for each sound. You do not need to do all these challenges at once, a little bit each day is a great way to do it. You can do the challenges into your work books or onto paper. If you would like to share a picture of what you've done with us we would love to see it! You can send it to us on Google Classroom, Seesaw or on Twitter. 

Revision of sounds already covered.

The following links are recommended websites to help with your learning. 

Mathematical Development


Colour by numbers - Addition

Money - Variety of activities to practise using coins.

The following links are recommended websites to continue your learning: