Re-opening Booklet for Foundation Phase Children can be found in our Parents - letters section on this website.
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Year 3 Learning

Year 3 Learning



Homework 04.11.20


Next week we will be marking Remembrance Day in school. Please can your child find and paint a stone as a poppy and bring it into school on Monday? There are images on the internet if you would like to get some ideas! Thank you.

Half term homework


After half term we will start our new topic, "Digging up the past." We would like the children to think about things that are precious to them that they would consider to be treasure. They need to be able to say why it is special to them. e.g. a teddy that they have had since they were a baby and it still goes to bed with them every night, a trophy that they've won, a shell they found on a day out at the beach.


Please can they take photos of the items (at least 5 items) and put them on Seesaw with sentences or a voice recording to say why they are special to them. If they are familiar with PicCollage they could use this.


In Maths we have been practising number bonds and after half term we will be starting to revise times tables. The children could use the Hit the Button game at home to revise them during the week off.





This week we would like the children to try and access Hwb and Google Classroom to access a task in Google classroom. The children brought home their hwb logins on bookmarks a couple of weeks ago. They have practised logging into their account in school and have also been shown the task.


You could download the Hwb app or search for Hwb on Google in order to log in. The link below shows how to access it.


Please let us know if you have any difficulties completing the task as we want the children to get used to using Google Classroom as well as Seesaw.

The task should be handed in online by 15th October. Diolch. 



Year 3 Topics





Here we are 

Digging up the past 

Rainforest Explorers 



Autumn Term


Our current topic is ‘Here we are’ which is based around a book by Oliver Jeffers. This is part of our recovery curriculum and is designed to get the children settled back into life in school after so much time away.   

Our next topic is called 'Digging up the Past' when we will become archaeologists and be learning about people from many years ago, which will lead us on to study the Celts who lived in Wales. This is a very popular topic with the children so may continue after the Christmas holidays.