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School Council

Aim and Purpose of the School Council

  • To make Acton Park Primary a safe, happy and fair learning environment.
  • To give children the opportunity to express their views about the school.
  • To make decisions about the school in order to improve it.
  • To raise funds in order for improvements to be carried out.


  • Councillors, as representatives of the school agree to maintain a good standard of behaviour. 
  • Members of staff are not allowed to vote on School Council Meetings.
  • The School Council does not have a bank account and so all money raised will be locked up securely.
  • The School Council has a responsibility to think of ways to help the school community become a happier, safer and healthier learning environment. 
  • The Council may invite people to the meeting to explain an aspect of school life when appropriate. 


  • An election will be held in September each year.
  • The election will be a secret vote.
  • There is a representative from each class (Year 2 to Year 6, including Menai)
  • A pupil is elected to the School Council for a period of 1 year.
  • The Chairperson, Vice Chairperson and Secretary will be elected by the School Councillors. 


  • School Council Meetings will be held every 4 weeks during the school year.
  • Meetings will take place during curriculum time.
  • School Councillors will feedback from meetings and discuss issues in their class every two weeks, during a class council meeting. The class council meeting will be led by the school council class representative. 
  • A suggestion box will be in operation in classes to allow all children to raise issues, ideas and needs during a class meeting and the two most important ideas/issues will be brought to the School Council.
  • Minutes will be taken at every Meeting.
  • All decisions taken at the meetings shall be by a show of hands and the results recorded. 
  • School Council will be supervised by Mrs Squire