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Welsh Water - One Last Breath Campaign

Bank/Credit Card Security

Please see below information on shopping safely on the internet and advice on bank/credit card security.


Protect your PIN

We take paying by card and accessing cash any time of the day or night for granted these days. With last minute and late night shopping, socialising and eating out it’s all too easy to lose track of how much we are spending and where.

Take extra care with your credit and debit cards and reduce the chances of them being stolen or skimmed.

  • Please click on the link below for advice on protecting your PIN number

Contactless Bank Cards

IMPORTANT: If you have a ‘Contactless’ bank or credit card  card please be mindful that these can be skimmed, and the information stolen without the card even  being removed from your possession. This gives the ‘Electronic Pickpockets’ the information they need to steal from you as highlighted on The Tonight programme recently. Click on the link below to read highlights of the programme

‘Card Minder Pouches’ protect your card and are available to purchase at £1 each. These are available via an Online Shop – please click on this link Alternatively, please telephone 01352 708118 (please leave a message if there is no reply) or send an email to


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Counting to 10 Video 1

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Counting to 10 Video 2

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Age Restrictions for Social Media Platforms




The NHS Direct Wales website is the main NHS portal in Wales for consumer health information and is a source of information that can assist the public in managing their own and their families health.  


Some of the information and resources available on the NHS Direct Wales website may be useful for you as parents/guardians.

The website has an A-Z encyclopaedia of conditions, tests and treatments with topics like head lice and chickenpox .  We also have the full childhood vaccination schedule and information about each vaccine.


One of the newer features is a head lice symptom checker which will allow parents/guardians to assess their child’s symptoms and give useful information and advice on what to do next.



School Beat Spring 2016 Newsletter

Water Cooler Guidelines in Schools





Menter Iaith Sir y Fflint have launched 4 “Magi Ann” apps with 38 simple fun stories to help children learn to read in Welsh.


They are a big support for non-Welsh speaking parents and for those who are learning Welsh.  

All the apps are available to download from the App Store and Play Store FREE.

One app is aimed at pupils in English-medium schools, and the other 3 for children in Welsh-medium schools.


Follow Magi Ann on Twitter @ApMagiAnn and on Facebook,





New Apps to Help Children to Learn to Read in Welsh



New guidance launched for Armed Forces children in education in Wales


Please follow the link below to a new website launched by the Welsh Local Government Association aimed at raising awareness of the challenges Service children can face in school, and to provide Armed Forces families moving into Wales with information and advice.